Friday, April 20, 2012

I am a grouch!

I am 10weeks 5 days pregnant now and totally starting to show already.  I have been so lucky with morning sickness I have a little what I refer to as gut rot in the middle of the night.  I keep oyster crackers by my bed side and have a little nibble and that seems to calm things down.  I have very little energy and a desire to do nothing but chill.  I have not missed any work so I am very lucky BUT I am really grouchy.  I don't know if it's because I feel tired all the time, the hormones or because I am so worried all the time but it doesn't take much to set me off.  Then I am either really grouchy or I cry uncontrollably and I am not a crier.  The funny thing is I know I am over reacting but I can;t help myself. This has been going on for the last 2 weeks.  We are nearing the end of the first trimester and I hope I get that pregnancy glow in a few weeks because right now I can't even stand myself!  Poor Travis he is walking on pins and needles all the time.

I still worry all the time about the babies.  I am trying very hard to think positive and enjoy this part of the pregnancy but the truth of the matter is until I am out of this first trimester I am a nervous wreck.  I go for my next ultrasound April 28th.  It can't come soon enough.  I would have an ultrasound once a week if I could just to see our little bundles.  I went to baby class through my ob's office and realized I am very lucky to see my babies so often normal pregnancies see them tho confirm pregnancy and then not until 20 weeks.  I can't imagine it is so cool to watch them grow.  We are blessed!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Safe again

I called my nurse on Wed just to give her an update.  I told her no need to call me back unless they were concerned.  Not more than a half hour later the phone rang.  She and my doctor wanted me to come in for an ultrasound the next day.  I said I was not spotting no cramping I could wait until Monday and she said no way not with your history.  Then I got really nervous.  I had to wait a whole 24 hours for answers.

Thursday on my lunch hour I shot over to the office.  My ultrasound tech is so great!  She really shows you and talks you through everything.  Everybody was fine heartbeats were 155 and 153.  Baby A waved at mommy again.  We are in big trouble with that one he/she is going to be the outgoing one for sure.  The babies had moved they are now head to head.  I had no idea they moved around in their sack.  Placenta is starting to grow and everyone is right on track.  My bleed spot has disappeared that was good news too.  2 more weeks and hopefully I will start to enjoy this pregnancy. Yeh right!  I will always worry that's just who I am.  I hope this doesn't continue once their born.  I don't want to be THAT mom.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes No Maybe So

So I am 9weeks 3days pregnant now and the last 2 days I have not felt pregnant.  My symptoms seems to have slowed down over the past two days.  My boobs aren't as sore, I am not as tired as before and am not experiencing my 4 am gut rot.  I have read on the internet that your symptoms subside towards then end of your first trimester when your HCG levels out but soo early?  I don't know I am nervous.  I actually talked myself out of showing up at my doctors office because they are most likely going to think I am crazy if they don't already.  So I will call and see what they have to say.  I have another ultrasound scheduled Monday so i am trying to hold off until then.  Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Meds

I have left over meds from my IVF cycle that were donated to me and I would love to give to someone in need of them.  I have Gonal and Ganarelix.  Please contact me via email if anyone needs them or know anyone who needs them.

8.5 weeks First Ob appt

On Monday April 2nd (of course I chose a date with a two in it) I went to my Ob for what they call a pregnancy confirmation appointment.  First an ultrasound and then to meet with the doctor.  I invited my mom and sister along to see the little miracles.  I get sooo nervous that something is going to be wrong.  I asked the tech to let me see heartbeats as soon as she could for both babies so I could enjoy seeing my little bundles of joy.  I was so scared last ultrasound I don't think I really enjoyed looking at them.  Right away she saw Baby A's heartbeat it was going so fast that white little flutter.  Then Baby B same rapid heartbeat.  Then to the doppler we heard both heartbeats.They were so much stronger this time.  Both babies had 177 heartrate.  Nice and strong.  Baby A and Baby B both measure 2cm now.  She said it's good that both babies are the same size and have their own sacs.  There is also a membrane that separates the twins and that was visible as well.  All very healthy things happening.  The most amazing thing to me was that at one point Baby A actually moved I say she waved at mommy! TEE HEE! They say that the babies personalities are visible on ultrasound and I believe it.  I feel bad for Baby B everytime we get ultrasound pictures there are like 3 of baby A and only 1 of baby B.  Baby A is the more outgoing one for sure already.   It is so amazing to see how much they have grown in just a week and a half.  The tech and my doctors say everything looks great and she sees no signs of danger.  I am starting to relax slightly.  Everytime I see them and they get stronger I feel better. I did have a little bleeding spot in my utereus they said probably where implantation occured.  Nothing to worry about but I may have a little spotting and not to worry if that happens. I laughed and said any sign of blood and I will be in here faster than you can imagine.   I will leave nothing to chance.

As for symptoms I am very lucky.  I am tired but not sick at all.  At about 4 am I do get an acidy heartburn sometimes nauseous feeling.  A few crackers or water usually takes care of it.  I am experiencing some constipation though.  Noone tells you about that little fun fact.

As for Travis he is still in shock over the whole twin thing. He is coming around to the idea of two.  It never even really crossed our mind that both would take until my first beta numbers came back high.  He is busy thinking about all the things we need to do to make the house baby friendly.  Just simple little things like carpet in the basement and turning one of the rooms into a play room.  He is nesting in his own way.

My next ultrasound is April 16th.  I do need prayers for a friend of mine who is struggling with a very serious condition associated with an IVF cycle that has sent her to the hospital for a week and is threatening to put her back there.  All your prayers worked for me now she needs our prayer chain.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support.