Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's all becoming so real

Great things are happening leading up to this wonderful event.  The PR buzz is on!!!! Birdies for babies has received some wonderful publicity.  Todd, Melissa, Katie and I have been interviewing with some of the local papers.  The articles from Oswego patch and Naperville Sun times came out today.  We are still waiting on the article from the Chicago Tribune.  Tommorow morning Melissa and katie are headed dsown to NBC to give a shout out to Birdies for babies.  I could not attend due to schedule conflicts at work.  It's such a shame I would have loved to have been there with these wonderful women.  So watch for them tommorow on NBC between 6:30 and 7 a.m.  You can also read the articles at http://oswego.patch.com/articles/oswego-couple-organizing-golf-outing-to-benefit-infetri-couples.
and http://napervillesun.suntimes.com/lifestyles/7750942-423/birdies-for-babies-raises-money-for-in-vitro-fertilization.html.  Gillian is doing a great job promoting our event for us!!  Kudos to you.

Also special thanks to FCI Penny has donated a limo to eleviate the stress of the long drive for our friends who are able to attend.   Everyone has been so wonderful and giving.  There is so much support from these individuals it is unbelievable.

Donations are coming in as well.  This week things are really looking up.   Thanks to the maternity staff at Lake Forest Hospital for your donations.  Especially the wonderful women who sold candles and donated 30% of what she made to our cause.  I never know if I should mention names or not. My mom and sister who sold a fundraising pack of candy bars.  Family is the best.  I love you guys so much.  Don't know what I would do without you guys.   Keslin landscaping.  Jenny who donated her wages for a day! Then anothr touching event happened tonight I was presented a wonderful gift from all my coworkers at Delany Dental.    Come visit us. Not only is it beautiful but the dentists are above and beyond superior.  One of the blessings I thank God for all the time is being able to work with such caring people who are also the best at what they do.

Everyone always asks how Travis is doing.  He is a little sad that not more of our friends could be there but we understand everyone has priorities and obviously family and children will always come first. He is excited about the friends that will be there and is looking forward to greeting all the people who are supporting us that we don't know.  We silently hope we get to be a part of registration so we can greet and thank
all the people that are part of this wonderful experience. 

So last minute push is on and we are looking forward to a fun and wonderful event. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes you wonder if anyones listening

We meet with Todd and Melissa two weeks ago to discuss the ins and outs of the golf outing.  They are so sweet and reassuring.  They really made me feel at ease about everything. I continued on asking for donations and spreading the word to anyone I could.  Last week Dr. Shapira did a press release and within 72 hours 17,000 people had read it.  I was so excited I figured this would definatley bring in some donations and golfers.  Nothing!

This week two of the bigger organiztions that I asked for donations denied us.  I have to be honest I am feeling VERY defeated!  I keep texting and calling our friends who swore they would see us there but no one has signed up yet.  I am starting to wonder if we are gonna have any golfers at all.  I understand financially it is a little bit of a strain and it is far away.  It's getting to be crunch time now though.  We will see how it pans out.  Wait and see is not something I am good at.  I keep trying to brain storm other ways to reach people.  I am out of ideas.  Travis has reassured me there is nothing else I can do.  I have done all I can. 

The only bright spot this week is that one of the newspapers in Oswego wants to do a story about BFB and Travis and I.  I am speaking with them Saturday.

Today I am off to Gurnee to try and get some more sponsorships.  Hopefully today will be a more productive day.  Always trying to look on the bright side and remember God has a plan but it's not always mine!.