Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daddy feels his first kicks

Last Saturday night I was sitting out on the deck reading a magazine (because it had finally cooled off enough to be able to enjoy some of the summer I can not tolerate any heat it actually makes me physically ill.) and the whole magazine started to move. I looked down at my tummy and I could see my stomach actually rising and falling as the girls kicked.  It was the most powerful movement I have felt yet and for sure the first time I have seen my stomach actually move like that.  I can only imagine the fun they were having in there.  Travis wasn't home.  I was so bummed he hadn't felt the babies move yet.  So Sunday all day I waited for them to repeat the same romper room and nothing of that magnitude.  The kicks and movements are so sparatic you really have to be in the right place at the right time.    

Monday I had a doctors appointment and ultrasound.  My mom and dad were both there to see the girls.  This was the first time my dad had seen them.  I have been spoiled by the the level 2 ultrasound everything is so much clearer so this one was kind of a let down in terms of visuals.  Both girls were as active as usual and put on a good show for Papa. My dad was so funny he asked the tech are you sure there are no boys in there.  She laughed and said no I am very sorry there is no mistaken these two are girls all the way!  Mckenna weighs 1lb 10oz and Kailey weighs 1 lb 8 oz. and I weigh 152 lbs.  I don't know who is growing more me or them.  I saw the doctor after and again we discussed birthing options.  Mckenna has flipped and is no longer breech so that changes things a little bit.  Before with a baby being breech there is no question you will have a c section.  We went over the pros and cons of each.  We hopefully have a long way to go before I have to make those choices but good to start thinking about it now.  There are just some many things that could go wrong with a vaginal delivery with twins it almost makes you scared to even try.

So I got home and was showing Travis the ultrasound pictures and Mckenna began to kick I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly.  He finally felt a little kick just barely he said.  I don't feel Kailey move as much so we are waiting for her to give daddy a good feel.

All the excitement and then back to reality on Tuesday.  My nurse called to let me know that my hemoglobin had dropped another point from 9.8 to 9.1 and the doctor would like me to go back to the hematologist again.  I was so disappointed I thought by adding the extra iron supplement I would be okay but apparently these girls like their iron.  I went to see him on Friday and he took more blood to check the actual iron concentration and binding factor level.  He is just waiting for the results.  I will get them on Monday but he thinks at this point it would be best if I did IV iron once a week until I get caught back up.  He only wanted to do this if it was absolutely necessary but it's time he thinks.  In our conversation he also said that he didn't want to scare me but that one of the test we ran came back positive for Lupus and Rheumatiod arthritis.  He didn't want to make to much out of it because your body can do crazy things when you are pregnant so we will retest once I deliver. First question out of my mouth is how does this effect the girls.  It doesn't he said just me.  I was thankful but it is still very scary and upsetting.  At this point I think no I know I had reached a breaking point and as I left the office I started to cry.  Don't get me wrong there are plenty of worse things that could be happening but I was just having a moment of feeling sorry for myself.  I am tired all the time and the weight is really starting to make me uncomfortable and now I am scared for my health after this is all over.  I wouldn't change a thing by any means but I was still just exhausted and worn down.  After a good cry Travis said lets hang the decals in the girls nursery that will make you feel better.  So we did and that brought it all home again as long as they are fine I will be too.  For the past six years it hasn't been about what I have to put my body through or the sacrifices I have to make it is about making Travis and I parents and right now that has to be my focus.  I will survive always have and always will somedays are just better than others.

The bright side is the nursery is coming together and I have started to register at Babies r Us and Target.  It still amazes me all the stuff that these two little blessings will need. And for those of you that didn't know Katie Davis gave birth to her little miracles last Saturday.  Congrats I can't wait to get down there to hold them!  As always thanks for the continued prayers and support at 25 weeks now.  Can you believe it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

22 weeks

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted.  Life is busy busy.  We have been busy remodeling the basement so that the girls have a play area.  We have now got that under control and Travis has moved to the girls nursery now.  Things are happening and getting very exciting.  I on the other hand have had to slow down quite a bit.  I have been having some dizzy/fainting spills for the past 3 weeks.  So at my 20 week check up they ran a CBC and my iron and hemoglobin came back way low.  My doctor referred me to a hematologist.  I saw him last Friday he drew 10 tubes of blood and I had to go back yesterday for results.  Not everything was in but for the most part everything came back normal.  At this point he suggested I double my iron supplement and if that doesn't work we will have to do IV iron.  He will recheck my levels in a month.  So hears hoping that I can get some energy back.  I am sure this heat doesn't help!  My favorite thing right now is my pool what a relief to cool down and feel weightless for awhile.

Going back a couple of weeks I had my 20 week level 2 ultrasound and everything checked out great.  Both girls are growing and were 9 inches long..  Baby A for right now we will call McKenna Marie weighs 10 ounces.  Baby B who we will call Kaylee Ann weighs 9 ounces.  Both girls show no signs of any genetic abnormalities.  The names are not set in stone but middle names will be these for sure!  Travis's mom's middle name is Marie and my mom's middle name is Ann.  I really wanted to name them Morgan and McKenna but Travis has always loved the name Kaylee plus he didn't want them called M&M.  It is so funny how he thinks about certain things.   That never even crossed my mind.  So we continued to be very blessed and for the most part are having a very healthy pregnancy.  I am seeing my ob every 2 weeks now for cervical checks.  I had a great measurement of 5.9 on my cervix which hopefully will keep preterm labor at bay!

Another exciting thing is happening Birdies for Babies golf outing planning is gearing up.  It brings us back to such an exciting time in our life. Its so hard to believe it's been a year since the Traders have changed our life.  I cannot believe sometimes that this is really my life.  My girls have been brought into this world by so many people's help, support and prayers as well as love its amazing! I can't wait to reunite with all these people in Sept.  Stay cool!  Happy 4th!