Monday, September 3, 2012

30 weeks and scared

I went to my Ob on August 24th and had an ultrasound.  Everything checked out great! Mckenna weighed 3 lbs and Kailey weighed 3lbs 4 oz.  I weighed 160! My cervix was closed and no signs of early labor. Overall a very good check up for all the ladies.  Everything is getting a little harder to do and again less energy for me to do it with.

Thursday brought a whole new set of circumstances.  When I first got to work I noticed a  little spot of blood.  I didn't get to alarmed but then about 10 minutes later I went to the bathroom again and there was a little more blood.  Leaving nothing to chance I called my doctors emergency number.  I wasn't having any cramping and felt fine so they said I could come to the office in the afternoon.  I saw my patients and really wasn't all that nervous.  I just figured with all the girls movement they stretched something to far or kicked something they shouldn't have.

When I got to the doctors office they hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor.  This machine measures the girls heartbeat as well as if I am having any contractions.  Dr. O came in and said the girls were doing great but they wanted to monitor my contractions.  After about 30 minutes she said I had one pretty big contraction with some other little ones.  She wanted to admit me to the hospital overnight so they could watch us all.  All of sudden things had gotten pretty serious.  Dr. O was telling me that the girls were still to little and if they were coming we need to give me a steroid shot for their lungs but scarier yet if I delivered they would have to go to Evanston NICU.  All my worst fears were starting to come true.  I never wanted my girls in the NICU plus it was way to early for them to come I was only 30 weeks and 2 days.  I tried to stay calm because the more I upset and stressed I got I figured the worse it was for the girls.  I called Travis and let him know what was going on but told him not to come rushing over just yet.  I wanted to get to hospital and see if things calmed down.  At the doctors office they did a swab that can determine if you are secreting any enzymes that are produced before you go into labor.  It takes a couple hours to get the results though.  When I got to the hospital they hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor again and everyone had seemed to calm down.  Contractions had slowed and were much less intense.  After two hours Dr. Tart came in and said my swab came back negative and everything seemed to be normal for 30 weeks of pregnancy.  If everything stayed that way I could go home after a couple more hours of monitoring. Everything turned out to be okay but it was an eye opener as to how quickly things can change.  these things are all normal with a twin pregnancy.  My body thinks I am a full term pregnancy so it wants to deliver.  There is so much pressure and stretching it signals your body to go into labor.

From here on out I have been instructed to decrease my activity to basically going to work and coming home and on weekends resting as much as I can and no lifting not even a laundry basket!.  I have had to cut down one of my work days to a half day.  It's much better than complete bedrest or everyone making an early entrance.  From here on out it is day by day and I go weekly for doctors appointments.

On the fun side of things I have had my work showers.  Both were a surprise so it was so fun.  My close friends and family shower is the Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.  The girls nursery is still not totally complete.  I just decided on window treatments.  I just want everything to be perfect for them.  I have never had such trouble making decorating decisions. So for now we continue to pray and focus on the positive and everyday I remind the girls it's not time to come out and play yet.   They have to grow a little bigger so they can come home with mommy and daddy.