Monday, October 24, 2011

Patience is a virtue

We have been waiting anxiously to get the final results from Birdies for Babies.  Todd and Melissa have given us a final number and we are over the top.  It will allow us to do 2 IVF cycles should we need it.  I am confident we will not Dr. Feinberg has great plans for us. 

I went for a consultation with her on October 7th to formulate a plan.  As you know these things take precious timing and a lot of planning.  Travis and I decided even before Birdies for Babies we would not start any treatment until after the first of the year. Two out of my three miscarriages occured before Christmas plus a new year always feels like a fresh start.

Dr. Feinberg has suggested I have procedure called an endometrial biopsy.  The procedure is done in the office and doesn't require me to go under.  That and the progesterone shots are the worst part of the whole process for me.  I HATE being put under twilight or general doesn't matter.  Anyways Dr. Feinberg will take a small biopsy.   By doing the biopsy it produces healing cytokines and good enzymes which increase the chances of our embryos implanting.  This procedure has to be done a month before we undergo IVF.  Dr. Feinberg feels like a friend now at this point.  The consulatation did not have that medical feel it was more like us sitting down and chatting.  She feels very positive and hopeful.  One of the things we discussed was that during the last IVF cycle we were under a study which regulated how much stimulation medication I could take.  Although I responded very well Dr. Feinberg thinks we can get even more embryos this time.  SOOO exciting.  She has no doubts about of being able to conceive and has very little reservations about our upcoming cycle. Dr. Feinberg will be hosting another event that is near and dear to her heart on June 23rd.  She has asked me to be a part of this great event as well.  Stay tuned for details. 

I am emotionally in a very different place this time.  Patience has never been my strong point but this whole experience has taught me nothing but that.  I feel almost at peace with the journey we are about to go on.  I can't even imagine if we conceive telling our child how many people pulled together to make our dreams come true.  What a great story to be born under.  Travis is looking forward to hunting this month without having to rush home or even skip his weekend to have to do his duty as he calls it.  I am so happy that he is able to go into the woods with no baby pressure.  Happy hunting honey.  Bring home the big buck and I'll bring home the baby. 

Good luck to Katie and Pat as they embark on their new journey as well.  You are right Katie 2012 is our year I am following and wishing all my good thoughts and prayers with you!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Crescendo

It's been  a couple weeks since Birdies for babies.  I needed time to get back to "normal"  The day after the event I did 7 loads of laundry and spent 5 hours just getting things back to functional.  Birdies for babies was definatly my priority.  So everyones dying to know how it went. 

Travis and I went down on Friday to help Melissa and Todd set up.  We stuffed the gift bags with all the wonderful goodies.  We went to dinner to just try and relax before the big day.  At dinner I received a phone call from Melissa that ABC nightly news was going to be at the event and wanted to follow us while we golfed.  I was super excited but fearful of how Travis would react.  Remember he does not like to be in the spot light.  So I broke the news and to my suprise he was okay with it.  Got to bed early because we knew that Saturday was going to be a long busy day.  The beds were so comfy at the Country Inn and Suites.  I slept like a baby.

Alarm went off at 5 am. We needed to be there by 6 to help with final set up.  The weather man had been calling for rain so we were praying it was going to be a dry day.  As we started to drive the rain started to fall.  I looked at Travis and told him he cursed us.  A few weeks before he said its gonna rain on our event.  The rain got heavier as we got closer to the course.  But god was smiling on us because at 6:55 the clouds parted and the sun came out.  It was going to be a glorious day. 

I will never be able to convey to you what it was like to walk into Tamarack after Melissa had performed her magic.  We left the banquet area a blank canvas and when we walked in it had been transormed into a amazing golf outing.  I started to cry it was so beautiful.  Melissa really puts her heart and creativity into putting the prizes and silent auction together.  We met our new friends Katie and Pat last years recepient and my support system.  Katie was great to me she answered any of my questions and helped me get this blog going.   She is also responsible for the TV crew showing up as well. 

At 7 am golfers were starting to arrive.  I checked people in with my Mom and Dad and Travis and Pat handed out wind shirts.  It was amazing to see all the people that came out to support us that we had never even met.  When our friends arrived it made the whole thing come full circle. 

8 o'clock golf started.  Of course we were the last ones out.  We golfed with our friends Corey and John.  They were so much fun.  We haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  We still had to break the news that the news crew was going to be following us to them.  I wanted for the first screwdriver to be finished.  They were fine with it.  They like us at this point were just rolling with the punches. 

About 11 o'clock the news crew showed up.  How akward was that!  They tell you to act normal while you have a camera and a big fuzzy microphone in your face.  I shanked all my shots when they were with us.  Good thing it was a scramble.  They had to leave us because a foursome that wasn't with our outing complained we were holding up play. 

I was able to visit with our friends in between holes.  All you could hear was laughter all around everyone was having such a great time.  Dana was out on patrol selling raffle tickets.  She is a riot.  Another past recepient.  It's funny because we all bonded so quickly but we also seem to have the same type of personalities.  She actually had someone donate $140.00 if she could come back with a cubs hat.  She did it!

When we arrived at the reception the news crew was waiting for an interview and Todd needed to get the reception started.  I was getting really nervous about giving my speech.  I am not great at speaking in front of big groups.  As I looked around I realized all these people our here to support this cause and a peace came over me.  It went off without a hitch.  Travis was by my side the whole time providing the support only he can. 

After it was all over Travis and I realized we hadn't eaten a thing all day.  Adrenaline had left and we were starving.  We stopped by Tommy Nevilles pub to relax with Katie, Pat and Todd.  Travis was exhausted and starving so we headed off to get something to eat.  Full bellies and totally exhausted we went back to hotel and as I closed my eyes that night I was kind of sad it was all over.  Then I remebered theres always next year!!